Mastectomy Products and our Specialty Bras are designed to make you look and feel more comfortable and confident. Your clothes will fit and feel better.  No one will know, but you. 

We Carry:

  • Post-Operative Camisoles
  • Compression Bras            
  • Molded/T-shirt Bras
  • Soft Cup Bras
  • Leisure/Sports Bras
  • Swim/Tankini Tops
  • Silicone Prosthesis
  • Light-weight Prosthesis
  • Foam Prosthesis
  • Active-wear Prosthesis
  • Specialty Bras
  • Plus Size Bras

All fittings at CARES are supervised by a licensed Physical Therapist, Debra Taylor, PT/ CLT, who became a fitter to make sure the  bras did not damage the lymphatic system while performing their designated job.  Debra understands the way balance effects all movements of the body.  Mastectomy bras are specially designed to properly hold and support a breast form (prosthesis).  Weighted forms balance the weight on either side of your spine allowing for you to stand more upright and decrease the chance of hurting your back. They can prevent your shoulders from drooping, poor posture, backaches and spinal curvature. Breast forms balance the body, giving it a more natural look, and hold your bra in place.   Increase your self-confidence about your appearance. Your clothes will fit better.

Mastectomy Apparel Specialty Bras

It can be challenging to find a good fitting bra.  Whether you are recovering from breast cancer surgery, plastic surgery, or just have a difficult time finding a properly fitting bra, you will be personally fit by our Specialty Bra Fitters.

We at CARES try to provide the best fit for your body type and physical needs. All fittings are in a private room, and by appointment only, so that we can spend the time we need with you to ensure that you are correctly and happily fit.  

We are happy to work with you for Mastectomy Apparel & Prosthesis, Plus Size Bras or long-line Specialty Bras.

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